gdm gives blank screen; needs manual restart

Hi –

Yesterday, I installed 11.2 on my acer TravelMate 2310. Was working fine.

Today, during boot-up, the screen went black and stayed black. I restarted from the rescue disk and examined the logs. No obvious problem, so I tried booting again. Same thing. Pressed Ctrl-Alt-1 and logged on as root. Found Xorg and gdm both running. Shutdown gdm and restarted it. And here I am!

Where can I go to find the cause of the gdm problem, and how can I fix it?

Best wishes / TP

That sounds like a video problem. Did you manually install a driver? Was there a Kernel update?

No to all three.

I just rebooted, and now gdm comes up fine.

Still, I’d like to know the cause of the problem, so that it can be fixed.

There is a /var/log/gdm/ directory with several log files, but I don’t know what to look for.