gdm custom.conf and InfoMsgFile

Somewhere along the way the /etc/opt/gnome/gdm/gdm.conf file went away and was replaced by /etc/gdm/custom.conf.

When I go to the Gnome Doc Library and look at how to configure this file, see: Configuration , I find that I should be able to add a [greeter] section to the file and stick in the line:


so that it will look like:


(Note: the [greeter] section does not appear in custom.conf)

and then the issue file will “float” above the login page requiring an “OK” before somebody logs in. However it doesn’t work.

Any clue if it is broken or if I’m going about this in the wrong way -

Thanks -


After a bit more poking around I have submitted this as a bug to - its number is 480634.

It not only affects OpenSuse 11.1 but also SLED11 rc4 and no doubt SLES11 to -

I’ve continued my poking around and looks like in the version of gdm in 11.1, which is 2.24, InfoMsgFile is no longer used.

I’ll post more as I figure this out.