gdb help - backtrace for kwin KDE4.04 bug (still present)..


I have asked this question pretty much all over the internet but have never had a response…

There is still a very nasty bug in KDE 4 that on some Nvidia cards crashes KDE (and locks up the machine …windows style…)

  • see bug :-

Bug 157282 - Looking glass magnifer and sharpen OpenGL Desktop effects crash/do not work on multiple systems

I am unable to use gdb to provide a backtrace, i’m nearly there but must be doing something wrong…

This is what i am doing

From console in kde (as root)

ps aux | grep kwin (to find kwin pid)

gdb kwin (pid)

  • at this point i am unable to click on anything (as kwin is frozen…)

I turn logging on by

set logging on

I then try to debug by using


  • after using continue I can start to use kde (kwin) again, however no more output is created.

Can someone please point me in the right direction I must be doing something wrong, or even better provide example lines that they would use…

  • i have the debug RPMS’s installed…

Does no one know ?

Amazingly I have asked this question on about 8 forums, no response…

This is STILL a bug in Opensuse 11 (final…) - also with KDE 4.1 beta / alpha…