undefined symbol after upgrade from PHP 5.5.14 x86_64 to PHP 5.6.30 x86_64

I have currently PHP 5.5.14 x86_64 on my Leap 42.2. I need PHP 5.6.30 x86_64, but there is no such version in Leap repositories so i have downloaded it from Tumbleweed ( By using RPM i have uninstalled older version and successfully installed required one. I have also upgraded apache2-mod_php, php5-ctype, php5-gd, etc. But now apache doesn’t open any php files :-(. The problem is (as seen in /var/log/apache2/error_log):

/usr/sbin/httpd-prefork: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/php5/extensions/ undefined symbol: gdVersionString

What’s wrong? Any ideas?


The Tumbleweed packages are incompatible to your 42.2 system, because Tumbleweed has newer versions of all other packages too.

You can get PHP 5.6.30 for 42.2 from this repo:

Add it in YaST->Software Repositories and do a full switch to it using YaST->Software Management.

Or run this:

sudo zypper ar -f php
sudo zypper dup --from php