I need to install gcc8 on TW (gcc, g++, gfortran) but I cannot find anything older than gcc9 on software.opensuse.org.

I was sure, this existed some months ago?!

Thanks for hints!

Only available in the devel:gcc repository and for openSUSE_Factory… YMMV;

You’ll find DVD releases, update repositories and more for versions of openSUSE going back well more than 10 years at the following location


I’ve also found in the past that the compiler binary itself can simply be copied from anywhere, it’s not “installed” requiring dependencies.
Once you’ve found your binary and copied or installed on your machine so you have multiple gcc side by side, if it’s not convenient to declare your chosen binary in a spec file, you can create an alternative to switch between gcc.

I wrote a Wiki article on how to do this which is sufficient for most situations. If you need to configure related changes, you’ll probably need to look deeper how to configure alternatives



Thanks, the devel repository works just fine.