gcc10, libgccjit and Emacs


I’d like to test the native-comp branch of Emacs. Download:

git clone -b feature/native-comp git://git.sv.gnu.org/emacs.git

To this end, I need libgccjit. Found this repo: https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home%3Aacobar/gcc10-libgccjit

Seems to fit perfectly to the Tumbleweed gcc10 version.

But during installation gcc10 is not found and when I try (after autogen.sh) to configure the source,

~/Downloads/emacs-nativ-comp/emacs> ./configure  --with-gif=ifavailable --with-tiff=ifavailable --with-json=yes --with-nativecomp=yes 

I get this error:

checking for gcc_jit_context_acquire in -lgccjit... no 
configure: error: elisp native compiler requested but libgccjit not found. 
Please try installing libgccjit or similar package. 
If you are sure you want Emacs compiled without elisp native compiler, pass 
to configure.


gcc --version 
gcc (SUSE Linux) 10.2.1 20201202 [revision e563687cf9d3d1278f45aaebd03e0f66531076c9]

So if somebody could help me to get a native-compiled version of Emacs running under Tumbleweed, great!

I have to admit: This is way over my pay grade, but since the development of the pure gtk-version of Emacs (https://github.com/masm11/emacs) stopped, I’m looking for alternatives for Emacs under full wayland.

Except that I start kmail with -platform xcb everything else works under full wayland, even hibiscus (banking), some other java software…

Kind Regards,


I’ve downloaded the src.rpm and built the rpm. Same warning while installing, but Emacs native-comp compiled fine. Now trying to get it running under wayland.


 cannot open display: 1


export DISPLAY=:0

it works, but compiles whatever . Hm.