gcalctool is not responding (opening)

Since RC1 I had this issue but I did not report it 'cause I thought I was a normal pre-release bug.

If I call the app from the terminal, It will not display any message. Clicking the calc icon does nothing, but when I call “top” from the terminal, it reports it as if it were running.

I have already installed OS11 from a new DVD (not RC1) and the behavior is the same.

Everything (I’m aware) is working just wonderfull.

Thanks in advance


Note: using OS11, GNOME.


I have the same problem…

When i Launch th gcalctool the processor growup to 50% (I have a Penitum D, so growup 100 from 1 proccessor)

All my OS is working great!! but I needed install galculator from DVD because gcalctool not are working…