Gateway for each device

Hi all,

I use my notebook for office and home.

At the office, I use wired network with eth0. At home I use wifi with eth1.
The problem is that at the office, I have different gateway and DNS server than at home. How can I configure different gateway and DNS server for eth0 and eth1 ?

For DNS server, I can enter several one so I put the 2 DNS server for my office and home. But I can only have 1 default gateway configurable in Yast

Thank you for your help. Regards.

If you are using DHCP with NetworkManager it should just work.

I don’t use NetworkManager for many reasons.
I tried to use DHCP. The problem is that I don’t know why, the DHCP client make a lot of resquest to my router. I post this problem here : DHCP problem - openSUSE Forums