Garena and Warcraft 3

I play a lot of Warcraft 3 in my spare time. I get together with friends online using garena. We play all kinds of different Warcraft 3 games.

I want to know if I can get Warcraft 3 to work with garena in linux. I saw a few people that had the same problem as I did on the Garena website, but for some reason it blocks me from reading their posts. I don’t have the “privlages” to read them - whatever that means.

Here is the problem I have. I have got garena installed all the way using Wine. I have Warcraft 3 (and the expansion) installed with Wine. They both work great individualy. However when I try to start the game in Garena, garena will mimimize but the game will not load. It does that every time. And that is as far as I have got. If anyone knows how to fix this please or has a suggestion please help me out. Thanks.

Hey, somebody else still plays Warcraft 3? I thought I was the only one left! :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried Garena, but I can say that Warcraft 3 runs very well under VirtualBox and Vista. The only gotchas I’ve seen are that I need to manually switch to 1024x768 first (with KRandRTray under KDE) and there are some minor shading problems here and there, but nothing that interferes with gameplay. and LAN play work fine if you open appropriate ports.

Warcraft 3 runs really well under wine aswell if you dont want to mess around with VM’s. Saving during campaign missions causes a crash but thats the only glitch i’ve encountered using it.