Gaming on Steam or native games on Tumbleweed

Sup guys anyone can recomend me free games on steam to linux,i am looking for games like moto simulator,cars idk but if the game its other thing i accept :slightly_smiling_face: and we can talk about wine idk

The Steam client has a built in search function…

That’s a pretty broad request. What do you like?

Moving to Open Chat as well, since it’s not really a request for technical help. :slight_smile:

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idk how to put on open chat

Thanks bro,
now i can play

No worries, I already moved it. :slight_smile:

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It’s funny. I was playing native games with Wayland, Plasma 6, and Nvidia and the Proton version actually worked better than the native version.

I instaled torque drift using lutris,auto version steam so i dowloaded the game and now finished and i will dowload lutris patch to play anyone can aswer to me if i close the steam window to start the lutris aplication or no?

And how i start a game windows with lutris on steam?

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