Games tearing in gnome

Hello, I have OpenSuse GNOME on an AMD card. I noticed that when I have below about 150 FPS in games there is tearing. I have a 60HZ monitor. I installed the TKG-kernel and the tearing has dropped a bit but is still noticeable under Xorg and Wayland. I had the same problem on my old laptop… V-sync and fps limit only makes it worse. After creating 20-amd.conf Xorg won’t boot. I can’t even enter the console, I have a black screen.

@NateNeX Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
What is a TKG kernel? If you press ctrl+alt+F1 to get to a VT, log in as root user and remove the file you created. AFAIK it should be named 20-amdgpu.conf to ensure it overrides the defaults that may be in /usr/etc for X11.

@NateNeX Another thought since your on AMD GPU, for Xorg you can use xrandr --output <monitor_port> --set TearFree on not sure on Wayland, maybe arandr has the same.