Games Running Slow

Hi I’m running the Google Chrome OS which I believe is openSUSE 11.1 and games that I play run slow and there is also a bug.

  1. The game I want to play is Quake 3 and it turns on and everything but runs slow.
  2. When I use the mouse it just aims down and spins around.

I have a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 8800 video card and a Habu 5 button mouse. They both show up. It all runs fine on Windows XP though. Any help please?

O.o Explain me that.

Google released an OS called Google Chrome OS which was in development under openSUSE 11.1. An when I go to start up the computer it allows me to choose between openSUSE 11.1, Windows, and openSUSE 11.1 failsafe.