Games leave fullscreen for no reason

Sometimes, while playing a game in fullscreen, it leaves fullscreen for no reason, and sometimes it comes back for no reason too. It happened with Sauerbraten (which has no sound) and with Warzone2100.

I’m thinking maybe a service loaded when session starts is doing this, but which one?

  1. gnome-at-visual -s
  2. fusion-icon
  3. beagled --replace
  4. deluge
  5. bluetooth-applet --singleton
  6. gnome-power-manager
  7. pactl load-module module-x11-xsmp
  8. /usr/lib/gnome-volume-manager/gnome-volume-manager --sm-disable
  9. gnome-do
  10. gnome-cups-icon
  11. gpk-update-icon
  12. nm-applet --sm-disable
  13. pidgin
  14. skype
  15. ggreeter --once

You may want to check the logs when this happens, see if anything pops up. Check dmesg in the terminal and also probably take a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log and Xorg.99.log. It may have something to do with your graphics driver.

I’ll do it, thanks!

Since you are using gnome, could you see if it helps turning off ‘Activate screensaver when idle’ from the screensaver settings and then playing the game? The same thing kept happening when I played sauerbraten, and it stopped when I deactivated the screensaver.