games in vm running windows

I’m not a gamer, but wondering if I can run games comfortably in a Win 10 vm. I use virtualbox for my vms.
Are there special instructions to follow?

ryzen 3900x cpu, 32gb ram, vega 64 gpu.

Probably not graphic intense ones. The VM video driver is not great. KVM or Xen can do hardware pass through and will have better graphic response. VBox is a type II hypervisor which requires exultation of the hardware level KVM and Xen are type I also known as bare-metal.

And you need two GPU’s, one to passthrough.

Xen is the only Type 1 Hypervisor popularly used.
KVM like most every other hypervisor based virtualization is a Type 2.

I don’t know that whichever kind of hypervisor you use has anything to do with GPU capability…
Hypervisor hardware extensions only apply to the Intel and AMD CPUs, and there is some current efforts to virtualize I/O.

As you say, hypervisor based virtualization typically provide its own video driver rather than use normal video drivers and have different capabilities.

The following describes the capabilities and limits of Virtualbox 6 graphics capabilites


Just a note I have found VBox 6 slower graphics then 5.