+ openSUSE = CRASH!

Yeh like the title says, my husband uses for his AOL account (I know, I know)
But it seems + openSUSE makes something happen, that causes a system crash out on openSUSE.
He is using openSUSE 11.1 Gnome edition, 32bit.
I dont know if its flash, java or whatever but this works fine under Ubuntu.

never been there before. Tried it for 2 mins, seems OK, if you like that sort of thing. How long do we need to play until our system crashes.:slight_smile:

Seems like a few seconds, this is under firefox 3.5 if you need to know.
The issue happens to him when he tries to play the game, it only started to happen this week.
His favorite game is classic solitaire:
Its the demon game for him right now.

Just tried that and Yes, it crashes.
Going by the warning on the site, they expect issues. try a different game, the one I tried first was family Feud.

Yes but why is the issue effecting openSUSE like this?
I wonder what it is

Won’t crash for me… :frowning: (Played 3 games ~ 7-10 minutes).
ps.: Maybe just a simple solitaire game isn’t enough to kill an opensuse, otherwise it would be really ROTFL, and it should be included in the next comparison of Windows 7 and Linux XD

I tried it in Opera and rekonq
Neither browser worked but they didn’t crash like with FF.

Enabled Useragent switcher IE6 and it works.
Only trouble is reply in forum here is not working with that, so switched back to default

worked fine here (until i got tired of playing, 10/15 minutes), with
FF 3.0.12 in KDE3.5.7 on 10.3 with flash 10 installed…

but why play online when linux in general and openSUSE in particular
has “classic solitaire” and hundreds and hundreds of other games that
do not feed you advertisements…


No it did crash last night, and it crashed a lot too.
I saw his openSUSE go completely down.

I know, but he does quite a bit of this kind of gaming, and it was a big concern for him when I started him on linux.
He is a bit of a gamer you see, luckily he doesnt do any of the major commercial games but he does play stuff from pogo and
He has toyed with the native linux versions of solitaire but he likes the online versions better.
He likes having his points and stuff.

> He likes having his points and stuff.

well, M$ makes a pretty good game system…

i use Linux for real work…and, don’t care if Linux makes “gamers”
happier, ever…


I’m using openSUSE for intensive gaming about 2 years now.
Why not to play on Linux if it’s possible? Linux should be more popular in the gamer communities… it’s a very important part of software business.

PySol for the Win!

It’s awesome (once you’ve turned the music off). And its in the repos.

Has great controls (computer assist if you right click really beats clicking and dragging, and I’m loath to play Freecell now without it), easy on the eye graphics.

Quite what its excuse for weighing in at 30 odd megabytes is, I don’t know. But hey. :slight_smile: