Games always launch on the left of 3 monitors (XFCE desktop.)

Hello brains trust.

Had a bit of a poke around on the web and seen that this has been an issue on and off, with no real solutions…

Run a triple monitor set up. 3 x 4k, with a RX9600XT (so we’ll put this down as a 1st world problem:embarrassed:.)
And try as might. regardless of which monitor is set as ‘Primary,’ whichever monitor is the left most when setup though the display settings. That’s where games launch.
swapping the plugs on the graphics card also has no effect. Launch a game, it shows out on whatever monitor is designated left most.

Also other applications when launched for the first time after install seem to always launch on the designated left most monitor. However they have persistence. Thus, launch back wherever they were last closed (which is fine and I suspect the default / how it’s suppose to work.)

This behaviour would be fine for games. But after turning to window’d mode, moving to the centre screen. Then going full screen. closing. re-opening. We’re back on the left monitor…

It’s not a massive effort to move thigs over. but it is a little ‘janky’ given that the ‘primary monitor’ designation seems to be being ignored.

Has anyone else experienced this? is this a case of give ‘Xrandr’ a go?

Thanks again for your insights.