Gamers: Steam borked - GPU Acceleration affects system performance

Just for info: I struggled for some time with micro-freezes when selecting e.g. Gnome’s Settings after having Steam closed. In that context i optimized my Audio setup thanks to this forum, which made at least such become functional again. But the micro-freezes continued. And those became way worse a month ago after the last Steam update via ‘Software’ (twice there, no idea why) and YaST (The Online Update wanted such, even while i have Steam via Flat-Pack).

Using ‘Mission Center’ (recommended) i learned soon, that such may come from an unknown load on the GPU. My Radeon RX 5500 XT was on 60% load as soon as Steam was launched and still busy after Steam had been closed.

Finally since that last Steam update via ‘Software’ and YaST, Steam reported a failure of launching the Steamwebhelper on nearly every first launch, leading to a mandaroy restart of Steam for getting it done.

Eventually lesson learned:
All these issues disappear when disabling Steam / Settings / Interface / “Enable GPU accelerated renderings in web views”.

Now Steam is launching and closing much faster - plus no micro-freezes anymore while using the PC after Steam had been closed.

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