Gamers Against the PlayStation? v3.21 "Other OS" Firmware Facebook Group

Hello openSUSE Team,

Im trying to form a gaming comumunity on facebook around the current issues with PlayStations new 3.21 firmware (those that dont know it disables linux support on the playstation 3), if we can get enough members and we are able show a large enough fan base for the retaining of the OtherOS while also being able to access the PSN were hoping Sony will reinstate the feature. Its a long shot but if you guys and girls here at openSUSE could join the group and also pass the link around hopefully we can at least do something. rotfl!

Gamers Against the PlayStation? v3.21 “Other OS” Firmware Update
Gamers Against the PlayStation®3 v3.21 “Other OS” Firmware Update | Facebook

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The reason why Sony did this, is because of hackers messing around with the PlayStation 3. So they decide to remove “Other OS”.

Ummmmm . . . . What? Hackers were “messing around” with the PS3 so Sony disabled Other OS support?

So you mean all the universities that have been using clusters for PS3’s for years, taking advantage of the cell processor, I guess they would be the evil hax0rs?

Thanks Sony for paying back the OpenSuse, Fedora, Yellow Dog, Ubuntu and other communities who have worked to make their distros run well on the PPC architecture of the PS3 - way to go!

I think I won’t be updating my PS3 Sony, thanks anyway.


For what it’s worth - if you want to know more about the hacking story behind this, see: George Hotz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sony pulled the other OS support after George Hotz gained access to the hypervisor - a significant accomplishment and one which could unleash more potential on this platform, prolonging it’s life. Sony, obviously, does not see it that way.

Hotz of course was substantially responsible for also jailbraking the iPhone, allowing many users the option of using it on non At&T networks. Fortunatly Apple did not then release a firware update disableing the cellular reciever and claiming that hackers could exploit it if you didn’t use the phone on AT&T. I am sure they wanted to, but they must have ran into some legal trouble . . .