Gamepad D-Pad problem

Hello everyone,

i’ve got a gamepad recently and now having issues with its D-Pad.
there’s one game (perfect cherry blossom) that runs ok under WINE, but it seems to completely ignore the D-Pad. it still recognizes the first thumbstick, but it’s not very convenient to use it in the game.
i then compiled gens emulator and tried configuring movement controls to use the D-Pad - still no good. on the other hand, supertux works just fine.

i first assumed that the reason was in the order of axis used by the game, tried remapping them using the patched jscal utility (mentioned here), but it seems to have no effect. moreover, controls reconfiguring option in “perfect cherry blossom” doesn’t see the D-Pad at all, same as gens.

tried running # jstest --event /dev/input/js0 , and it reacts to the Pad like it should.

i’m quite out of options and would be thankful for any hints on where to look or what to read/do.