Game wanted for 11.1


There was a game for Windows called ¨Shogun Total War¨ which had two elements to the game, a very 3d graphical RTS side, and a pretty strategy board game side (the ¨board¨ was Japan).

I´m looking for a game for Linux that is similar to latter part of the game.

Can anyone suggest anything?


Are you tried to start this game with wine?
Peoples are recommending existing Linux games, so => you will find these games on Google.
Good luck.

I was hoping for recommendations for games similar to Shogun, but native to linux, I´ve tried wine for some games, and although they mostly work, they don´t always work completely enough to be satisfactory.

Thanks for the reply


Found this site I suspect there is a few more around out there to

Linux Game Publishing (only one I’ve ever seen though)

The Linux Game Tome

Also got here to me it looks very much like a battle RTS

Which if so then this from the game tome seems the closest but you will never find a replacement just an alternative. Mainly as there is very little money comey from the consumers to the developers.

The Linux Game Tome: Glest

So perhaps we should support people like LGP or maybe just perhaps it may end up being another failed linux project. Till developers see a finacial gain I feel this area will be lacking.

Good grief Penfold!

Glest - yes this might be it.