Game pieces flash in time to music

This is regarding Machine #1 but it has been upgraded to Leap 15.2, sound is a set of Axiom spleakers with a built in DAC.

When playing small games [kmahjong or kde patience card games] and also playing music [using Audacious] the cards or tiles of the games seem to flash in time to the music.
Would anyone say whether this is the game or a sound problem.
How would I go about finding out what cuases this?
Only happens when using Audacious music player.
Playing music on VLC does not affect these games.

I will make a wild guess.
The game knows about “audacious” and taps in to the rhythm.

I waited until I had visual proof that this is happening.
Not sure if I have the videos posted properly.
Maybe I need some help with that , also. Should I be using something like pastbin?

These 3 videos show various flashing items.
I am just trying to get an idea of where I should start checking to solve this anomaly.

    • sound or display or kde plasma or what else??? and how to check the area in question.




Try to use ALSA output for Audacious, not Pulse.

ty Svyatko for your suggestion. I will look into it, but I think I have to have pulse running because of the built-in DAC in my speakers.
It has been a while [memory is a little faded] so I will have to check with the speaker mfg about changing this.