Game Ideas?

I have been with World of Warcraft for about three years. I don’t hate the game but I am bored with it. I am also tired of how they change characters so much. I can understand trying to balance them but they go overboard. So I am looking for a replacement, but not necessarily one that is like World of Warcraft (or a clone of it.)

I have been looking for games at different Linux gaming sites, but I thought I would get other peoples thoughts on what they like or would recommend. I would prefer to have a game that runs natively on Linux or at the very least one that works as good or better then World of Warcraft with Wine.

I am currently trying to get into Enemy Territory Quake Wars but imo it is not anything like the Original one, It is good but not the same.

I don’t mind buying the game or paying a small monthly fee, as long as it is worth it.


I’ve already answered MaskMan in that one.

Install DOSBox, then download all the DOS games you can find. You’ll never get bored. :slight_smile:

Thanks you. I thought I saw a post like this somewhere. Little sleep yesterday just made me lazy so I made a new one, lol.