gallium-nine Wine, Mesa from git, and possibly DRI3 for radeon?

I plan on installing openSUSE Tumbleweed in a little bit, and was curious on what repos and packages I’d need.

I’m coming from Ubuntu, so my process was adding oibaf’s PPA (graphics stuff), sarnex’s radeon DRI3 test PPA, and sometimes adding the Ixit Mesa PPA (although I heard it was behind normal mesa git?), along with adding the normal Wine PPA (for some Wine stuff like gecko and mono), and sarnex’s gallium-nine-patched Wine PPA, and then I simply updated the graphic stack from those PPAs, and installed Wine.

On Tumbleweed you don’t really need any additional repos.
You get the latest Xorg/Mesa/radeon (not git versions though, only the stable ones) and wine (the latest development snapshot) all the time anyway (a bit delayed sometimes because it has to go through testing).
gallium-nine support for Mesa has been enabled over two weeks ago.

I don’t think the standard wine package does support gallium-nine yet, but a package with support is available from OBS:
(Click on “Show unstable versions” and install on of the “1.7.36~gallium_nine” versions via the 1-click install)
Btw, that home:pontostroy:X11 repo contains also git snapshots of Mesa and the radeon driver (xf86-video-ati), so it might be just the repo you are looking for.
The above 1-click install will add the repo, so any subsequent “zypper dup” should install the packages from that repo (change the priority in YaST->Software Repositories to make sure this repo is preferred though, a lower number means a higher priority).

But please note that I never tried this myself…

This lists 4 different repos for openSUSE, but it seems like the first one would be all I need.

I’m assuming the system-specific packages (Mesa, XOrg, VDPAU, etc) would just update on their own via dup. The only thing I’d need to install is Wine, and it looks like there’s a package on that repo named something like gallium_nine+staging that looks like what I’d want (would probably have to go under the software manager and pick it out).

Kind of unrelated; but I could use a bit more understanding on how zypper up and dup work too. Back on Ubuntu, I would just always run apt-get dist-upgrade, and updates would install without problem. On openSUSE, I had a bit of unexpected behavior with it (mainly, packages like kde4_pure, flashplayer, some drm thing, and some other stuff that seems somewhat important would get installed with dup, but those same packages wouldn’t be installed with up).