Gain control on list of network printers

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Could you please give me some advice regarding my network printing situation? The problem is when I try to print something from application (for example, from Gwenview), I get the list of printers to print on, and I have absolutely no control on what’s in that list. I’ve added only one A4 network printer in Yast, and it’s the only one in Yast printer settings, and the only one in KDE printer settings, but when printing from applications, whole lot of other network printers is available. You might think that this is nice, but it’s not: I ended up occasionally printing some A4 stuff on giant A0 plotter, just because OpenSUSE Tumbleweed decided to make it default in application’s printer list. I’ve never even added that printer. Please, help me find where OpenSUSE Tumbleweed stores that list, so that I could remove unneeded printers.
Or, if that’s not possible, is there at least any way to block specific IP addresses in the network with firewalld? I could just “ban” unneeded printers, leaving only few I need.

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Maybe othjer know better or more detail, but to me this sounds as network discovery protocol using Avahi.

You could switch off the avahi deamon to see if that helps (e.g. using YaST > System > System Services).

The list is picked from the network. Disable the network search in YaST - Hardware - Printer. There’s a checkbox “Remote”. Uncheck that and you should only see the locally configured printer(s). You would have to add other printers that you want to use though.

Like Henk already mentioned, this is Avahi at work. You could choose to block Avahi mDNS with the firewall if you don’t use it at all.

Guys, you’re awesome! I turned off avahi-daemon - and everything works fine. Now I can see and use network printers that I configured, but no others anymore. Thank you all very much!
For information - unchecking “Remote” in Yast printers did not help, but thanks for reply!

Nice it worked!. And thanks for reporting back.

BTW, I forgot to say to you: Welcome to the openSUSE forums.