gag and similar by default

dear developers, I’m a user, simple user, not advanced or power, only simple, one of the problem of a user like me is the bootloader, as simple wannabe better users usually do I have a double or triple boot pc, the first is windows becouse my fear to have a pc which cannot use some software, the second is suse linux with stable repository becouse I would like to learn and the third is suse linux factory updated becouse my curiosity to try new software is big.
Sometimes happen that I have to reinstall some operative system or I would like to try another distribution, this turn me in a dark tunnel about bootloader, where to install it, which install, does windows and suse restart again? in the past happened the mess.
Why don’t adopt by default a software like this or similar?
GAG, the Graphical Boot Manager
it could be improved and
installed in a its own separate little partition, it will eliminate the doubt and the choice on where and which bootloader to install, installing the grub or lilo or other in the partition where the new installation is performed and gag in his own dedicated partition.

thanks of any attention

You address this to “Dear developers”. These are the openSUSE forums where users try to help each other. Almost no developers come here.

Nevertheless it might be nteresting to have a discussion here, thus you can see if your proposal gets supporters. If you then still want to ask for this feature, please go to openFATE where you can enter it and where people can vote for it.

If you take a look at, you will find that GAG development is dead since 2008. Today GRUB2 is being worked on, we will see GUI’s that will allow easy configuration for it.

Yes I saw it, GAG seams dead from 2008, but may be it don’t need furthermore developing:-)
I’m speaking about GAG not to adopt it but to rise his interesting concept, I think (from the point of view of me that never developed software:-)) it seems little and simple, so with little effort developers can easily improve it.
the concept I intend is that, as the little I understood GAG is a simple launcher of bootloader and grub2 is a full featured bootloader.
so if I install suse it install grub, then I install windows and it install hisownbootloader, then I install mandriva and it install lilo, then I install GAG and solve all the boot problems if in suse and mandriva I installed the bootloaders in theyr root partition.
so if the distributions installs by default theyr bootloader in theyr root partition and finally install GAG all the doubt of newbylikeme users on where install the bootloader are solved, but you can say if you are a newby you can study and learn the bootloader science:-) :slight_smile: