FYI Writing to removable media from a Virtual Guest (eg Creating LiveUSB)

Adding to my collection of Wiki pages describing numerous topics, including Virtualization techniques…

This “How To” contains several methods/techniques which might be generally applicable…

  • How to do a disk storage “hardware pass through” to the Guest
  • How to extract a compressed image (.xz) and write to the removable media in one command
  • How to write a raw, uncompressed image to the removable media

Although the actual described steps are for VMware, similar commands and steps would be used to do the same thing if you’re running Virtualbox, KVM, Xen or any other virtualization.

Of course, although this Wiki page describes how to write from a Guest, if a User wasn’t running virtualization and simply wanted to create a LiveUSB or other similar, the last section describing “Writing” can be used on its own.

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