FYI - Presentation Installing openSUSE on SSD

This is an abbreviated (30 min) presentation slide deck of what I spoke about at Barcamp San Diego last weekend (Oct 2012).

As an abbreviated presentation, the slides cover practically all the fundamental content, but compared to the “Full Presentations” I normally give are a bit sparse at times describing everything… In my regular presentations, the slides are a bit more verbose although my personal style is to never read off the slides, the slide content is there to mainly reinforce what I’m talking about.

The content is far more comprehensive than what you’ll find in the current SDB, everything in the slides are based on openSUSE 12.2.

Not spelt out in the slides but clearly covered in my talk is that the methods and practice described can be applied to any version of openSUSE and even Linux, but many of the automatic configurations may have to be manually configured when using another version of openSUSE or Linux.

A “Full presentation” and more descriptive “Paper” will be forthcoming when I can put time and effort into it…

The SSD presentation today is the second listed on this page


Very interesting, thanks!

Thank you.