FYI - openSUSE 12.3 Virt Install Xen and KVM ISO bug and workaround

Just submitted a bug which affects KVM-QEMU and Xen users using the graphical “Create Virtual Machine” tool, affects

openSUSE 12.3
virt install “Create Virtual Machine for Xen or KVM”

This affects the virt-install launched by YAST and from the main menu. This does <not> affect a different installer launched from virt-manager (you may see a bug there, too but that’s another story and another bug).

If you point your install to an ISO configured as a virtual CDROM, currently the installer will prepend a string which makes the path to your ISO incorrect.

From within the installer, browse to the following example path
Before clicking the “Apply” button to apply changes, inspect the path. Instead of the proper path, you will see the following

Of course, until the bug is fixed upstream, the simple fix is to edit the path removing the “phy:/root/” and then your virtual CDROM will be created properly.


This problem should no longer exist if you have updated your machine

zypper up