FYI - Free DNS service guarding against malware

IBM Security, Packet Clearing House, and the Global Cyber Alliance have created a DNS system supported by their worldwide threat database. The idea is that much of today’s malware, and in particular IoT exploits rely heavily on domain names, and so can theoretically be blocked by utilizing an “intelligent” DNS system updated continuously with the domain names malware uses.

The IBM technical announcement

If you want some info on IoT threats, this is the slide deck from a presentation I’ve given locally. Note that although I described 2016 as the “The Year of IoT and Taking Down the Internet” those attacks are still just as possible today as they were over a year ago, and there is no known way to eliminate those attacks altogether. The new DNS system described here can at least make sure <your> devices shouldn’t be usable in these kinds of attacks.

To implement is simple…
Point your DNS to


thanks for sharing!