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I feel that there is so much misinformation going around on this that for the benefit of this Community I should repost what I’ve been posting elsewhere on this topic

**People should understand how bad this new face mask policy is.**People are being told to wear any kind of cloth material so that surgical masks and N95 masks are available for medical workers.

First, the shortage of surgical and N95 masks may be largely artificial in the United States.
Until this week, there appears to have been a ban or restriction on KN95 masks because although those are used around the world, they weren’t certified by the FDA and the FDA refused to even consider certifying. That has just changed, so at the moment there is a massive run on KN95 masks, presumably by those who never considered them an option before. When the panic buying subsides, we’ll have a clearer picture of world-wide supply and demand.

As for regular cloth coverings,
People should know that only **N95 **is going to give you practically 100% protection.
**Surgical masks **are never worn by healthcare workers in a critical Covid19 situation because they’re only about 60% effective.
Cloth coverings and home made masks are estimated to provide no better than 40% protection and depending on material and fit, likely a lot less.

So,** bottom line** is that if you’re wearing your cloth covering in public and encounter 3 situations where you were at high risk of infection, in <two> of those encounters it would be as though you were wearing no mask at all, and that’s “best odds”

Those kinds of odds sucks.
Stay Home.
Don’t believe cloth coverings are going to protect you from Covid19

Based on a clinical study in 2018 in China which measured particulate penetration of types of facial coverings and masks by blowing diesel exhaust through the masks worn by subjects and taking readings outside and inside the masks. Although the purpose obviously was to measure air pollution, is completely applicable to anti-viral use as well.

I’ll include here a comment on another recommendation that’s being widely circulated…
Everyone should wear a mask, it’ll prevent transmission because even if not all masks will protect the wearer, it’ll do a good job of preventing anyone who is infectious (knowingly or not) from spreading to any others.

That ignores the fact that many N95 and other masks have “rubber flapper” vents which make exhalation easier.
Problem is that those vents also bypass any filtering
Which means that if the wearer is contagious, there is nothing to prevent that person from transmitting to others.
Consider what this means, in the recently published New England Journal of Medicine study of the King County, WA Assisted Living Home where the first major outbreak in the US happened, a single person caused over 160 infections(residents, doctors, nurses, visitors), of which almost 1/3 died. Granted, the conditions for this outbreak were practically a laundry list of worst possible but it does illustrate what may be a worst possible case of transmission even in the outside world if people didn’t isolate and relied only on masks.

And, consider that today there is emerging suspicion that up to 75% of infections take place from asymptomatic people(people who appear normal). So, you can’t really tell if the person wearing the vented mask is a potential spreader or not.

There would be a long list of caveats if you’re to believe that simply wearing masks is sufficient without first killing off the virus as much as possible first… enough that IMO it’s unworkable.


Are you a medical doctor? Can you site your qualifications and references?

I read the title of this thread and jumped on it: must be SPAM!.

This doesn’t require any medical training I know of… unless you can point out what that might be.

I dug up the mask effectiveness study I referred to…

The original
If you need some kind of certification, here it’s cited by the USA National Institutes of Health

The other part you need to put together is whether the above is relevant to protect specifically against virus transmission.
If the everyday reports and pictures of what everybody is using, recommending, trying to buy, etc isn’t enough for you…

Then you can confirm what I’m about to describe briefly…
N95 is the standard that describes a barrier (mask, filter, etc) that will block 95% of particles 3 microns and larger.
PM2.5 is the standard that describes a device that will filter particles 2.5 microns and larger.

A virus is only approx .7 microns in size, but it’s only a few strands of RNA which is why there is a debate whether it’s even alive.
A virus is parasitic and requires a host like a bacterium or an animal cell (eg human cells) which are larger than 3 microns, so although in theory there could be a virus without a host we’re really concerned with active virus which would require a host.

Beyond that,
No, I don’t have a medical education.
So, you won’t find me prescribing medications.
But, you will find me doing simple stuff like this that only requires some commonly available logic and some research.


For those who are mostly USA-centric,

Note that what I posted does not conflict with the Health experts on the Trump Coronavirus Task Force.
Both Birx and Fauci have been emphatic that wearing masks is not an alternative to isolation, and for every second spent complying with the Trump and CDC directive, they spend 5 seconds emphatically telling people to stay at home.

Whether you believe or not,
There is also a Washington Post story that there was a multi-day “animated” discussion by the Task Force how to implement Trump’s wishes to loosen up the isolation directive, and Birx and Fauci fought the proposed cloth wearing directive all the way until they gave in.

The thing that has not been publicly described that I’m aware of is that actual effectiveness has not been described except briefly in a Dr Oz interview on a Lou Dobbs interview (Dr Oz said that cloth masks are about half as effective as surgical masks, but without saying how effective surgical masks are) is the actual effectiveness of mask wearing… Which I described.


Here’s my take. This is based on what I have been hearing on the news reports.

(1) Wearing a face mask is not an alternative to isolation. You should still isolate as much as possible.
(2) Wear a face mask – even a home-made one – when not completely isolated, such as when shopping for food. This is not to protect you. This is to protect other people from you, in case you have the infection but no symptoms.

That seems like reasonable advice to me.

That’s because you actually read or listen to most if not all of what is said.

Problem is,
A very large part of the USA (don’t know about elsewhere) up to an estimated 45% who only listen to what Trump says and turns off everyone else. Or, just glances at the headlines and don’t read what’s below.

You can also see this in all the rebroadcast videos of the Task Force briefings, scan the comments that follow and people don’t hear anything more than the headline, “CDC and Trump directive - Wear masks in public”

If people really want to know why Health experts don’t back the “any cloth” directive because people will believe they’ll be protected, I’ve provided the actual numbers


To all, a word of caution, please watch the foray into politics, there are lots of places to discuss that, not this Forum (See our T&C’s).


Best protection is to stay at home and keep distance to anyone in the house who is still working because they are part of the front line.
That’s what we do here, I have two guys here working in the front line.

I think it’s safer to stay at home. Now I don’t go out with my friends a lot, because everyone is talking about the second wave of coronavirus. I replaced my evenings with friends with playing at PS4, £5 free no deposit casino uk]( and watching Netflix. I believe that everyone should be concerned about personal safety.