Futuristic Sex Robotz - F**K The MPAA

This video clip is self-explanatory so I’ll just say let us all sing along! :slight_smile:


Speaks a lot of truth. If i remember corectly, it was a guy working for the Electornic Arts, that stated, a pirated program, game or any other thing, is not necesarily a loss of money. A lot of ppl who use pirated software do it because it’s next to impossible to buy an original copy(economy issue or inaccesibility at the surten location). Those users, if there weren’t for the pirated stuff, they wouldn’t buy that thing anyway, mainly because they can’t afford it. With or without the pirated thing, the company would still not make any extra cash. If the user can’t afford it, and doesn’t has any pirated version, then he\she will go arround without the “thing” at all.

I existed in the warez world for a long time, moderated warez forums, admin’ed warez forums. The vast majority of people who use warez aren’t customers, never will be customers, and although companies like to say they are loosing money from it, they aren’t because those people never would buy the product anyway. The reason I see for industry loosing money, be it music, software, movies, is because they are turning out a lot of crap and people aren’t interested. The music industry is now mostly carbon copy rubbish.

Although there are some who will download a movie just to have a copy of something they liked when they went to see it. And the other thing is a music shop down here, I think it was last year was talking about how file sharing had increased their business. People would download a song, then go into their shop and order the album.