Furius ISO Mount

As I type, I have an iso of Ubuntu 9.10 mounted (I think). Problem is I don’t see anything other than the Furius ISO Mount gui. I thought it would mount the iso and my computer would regard it as a CD in the drive. Am I supposed to do restart, or what?

I installed some more GNOME stuff yesterday; and then after that did a dup, following which some new (?) stuff appeared on the the menu and the Yast control center. Well, okay.

Amongst the new stuff was FACTORY Update. So earlier today I opened that up to take a look arount. Factory update wanted to do a whole lot like add scores of new packages and a whole lot of upgrades plus the resolving of dependencies involved well over a hundred upgrades, downgrades, uninstallations, and more installations – it scared me and I aborted (remembering the PCLOS repository fiasco a month or so ago). But after giving it some thought, I decided to give it a go. So far, I have to so say it was a success. It’s certainly (at least on my computer) made some good strides towards rectifying what was decidedly a step down from 11.1. Screen resolution, for example, became better defined and with better coloring even as the updating process was happening.

Why to go!

One of the new packages is Furius ISO Mount, which I’d never heard of before and had to google it. Funny thing was, though, it was listed in the menu under Recently Installed, but it wasn’t actually installed; just the gui. I had to do Yast>configuration>search packages on web to get it and Fuse ISO Mount Module, even though I’d already had the Packman repository enabled. I assume the other dependencies are covered since Yast didn’t mention any.

Anyway, what do I need to do now to get Furius to to play the iso like a live CD?

Give AcetoneISO a try

“bump” I can not find any install files for this program nor can I find any for furius ISO. They seem to have been taken off of packman, and I believe that if we are to continue to help windows users come over to linux, hopefully opensuse, that we need none command line options. What other front end programs do we have for this application?