Funny computer pictures

rotfl! rotfl! Nice collection!
Linux can be installed even on toilet paper. I wonder which Desktop environment it uses?:\

Oh, wait. It’s not toilet paper.:X

Where can I find that keyboard? It looks perfect for my typing skills. lol!](](](](
Hope you enjoy my wife sent these to me via email.](](](
A couple more for you all!:wink:

You mean seat-top environment perhaps. :wink:

There was a brand of fire extinguisher in Spain called Unix. No picture handy unfortunately, was in pre-digital days.

I had to read this one several times. The year (1996) makes it even more funny.

“I’ll send the tape to you in the mail. Wait! We have all this cool technology. Let’s use it.”

That must be money for jam for the cartoonist. The picture can stay the same, all he has to do is think up some new words.

Did my wife send that one to you ??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Randy Glasbergen is an alias for 'Steve, inbetween Jobs" ? :wink:

rotfl! For some strange reason thats the one that my wife said was her favorite, I wonder why?:wink:

seems to very funny lol


The world looks so much brighter without windows and gates!

Too funny.

This one still makes me smile:

In case some of you do not recognize the guy on the photo: that’s Linus Torvalds.

I am wondering why are linux people so much against Windows?
Lest you think otherwise: I have erased Windows XP Home edition from my laptop
and have installed 2 linux OS: debian-5.0.4 and opensuse-11.2
Still why?


prudra wrote:
> I am wondering why are linux people so much against Windows?

possibly because it is a proven bully in the space and has been
convicted of monopolistic activities by courts in both the USA and EU
and has made a practice of locking in its users and locking out
competition by saturating the marketplace with systems which refuse to
work smoothly with non-MS systems…

for example: it is possible to install Linux on an existing Windows
machine and have a usable dual boot system pretty darn easily…but,
it is impossible to install Windows on an existing Linux system and
then have a usuable system without secondary steps to reset the boot
system (a secondary setup that Linux does automatically)…

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I can not really share this point of view - I visit several forums and yes, Windows bashing happens and there’s some reason for it. But almost all those bashing comments come from users who have switched not too long ago (I suppose that is quite natural); the more one is into Linux, the less one does actually care about Windows and Microsoft. And of course there are some who use both or even more operating systems such as MacOS, Solaris or BSD. Linux is not a religion, even if some people would like to see it that way.

One reason I like that picture I posted so much is because it represents my attitude very well. True, Microsoft is very dominant, but what do I care? It’s good for a laugh, no more. There’s this →fine interview with Linus Torvalds from 2003 which shows a pretty relaxed view on this rivalry which actually was initiated by Microsoft, not the Linux-community:

People position you as the nemesis to Bill Gates. He started Microsoft and you started Linux, the big competition to Microsoft’s dominance of operating systems. Is that an unfair or inaccurate characterization?

The thing is, at least to me personally, Microsoft just isn’t relevant to what I do. That might sound strange, since they are clearly the dominant player in the market that Linux is in, but the thing is: I’m not in the ‘‘market.’’ I’m interested in Linux because of the technology, and Linux wasn’t started as any kind of rebellion against the ‘‘evil Microsoft empire.’’ Quite the reverse, in fact: from a technology angle, Microsoft really has been one of the least interesting companies. So I’ve never seen it as a ‘‘Linus versus Bill’’ thing. I just can’t see myself in the position of the nemesis, since I just don’t care enough. To be a nemesis, you have to actively try to destroy something, don’t you? Really, I’m not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect.

As I wrote: I note that usually the longer someone uses Linux, the less he cares for Microsoft. Of course there always will be fanatics… sighs