fun with sendmail....

I am having an issue with sendmail that I cant resolve. Any help is appreciated.
I added a line in crontab that would turn on a light, and then send me an email when it did the action.
It turns out that I mistyped the name of the mailserver in the address and opensuse keeps trying to send the mail (on the order of every 20 mins?)
So, how can I identify the source? E.g. the bad email string, and how can I remove the item from the retry queue?
Best regards

First fix the crontab entry, so that it stops sending new messages.

After that, the queued messages will be in either “/var/spool/mqueue” or “/var/spool/clientmqueue” depending on how you sent the mail and where it hung up. If those directories don’t exist, then you are probably running “postfix” rather than “sendmail”.

It’s probably best to shutdown sendmail before removing the files. You should be able to do that with:

# systemctl stop sendmail.service

To restart, change “stop” to “start” in that command. And, of course, that requires root.