fun with .iso's

Hi, Im trying to install a new programme onto my computer, which required me to download the iso, mount on a cd, then install.

My problem is that although I have the file.iso, and “wodim --devices” returned that I have one accessible drive, “/dev/scd0”.
However, “wodim dev=/dev/scd0/ file.iso” gets as far as attempting to write to the disc in the drive, but fails at 0kB.

What am I doing wrong!?

(also, when that works, is it mounted, or do I have to do something else?)

AcetoneISO or ISOMaster from Packman

Are you trying to install the disc on the same computer you are trying to use to burn the disc? If so, you can follow this guide to mount the iso directly as if it were a disc in a drive. Doesn’t actually answer the question you asked, but may be helpful nonetheless…

Thanks a lot! I did the command line way that link told me, and now it works. Brilliant.