Full disk encryption only asked once for passphrase - all good

Hi guys, I’ve installed Tumbleweed with Full Disk Encryption using the Guided Setup… with LVM, BtrFS for root lvm volume, XFS for home lvm volume, and importantly the default /boot directory is in the root volume.

Reading the documentation, I was expecting to be prompted to enter the luks passphrase twice, but I’m being asked only once for the passphrase. This is great! I do not need to do the passphrase workaround.

But I can’t help to think, have I done the install correctly. I’m sure I have, and I’m assuming the installer now implements the workaround as part of the install.

Can someone please verify this, i.e. doing an installation with full disk encryption now, you will be asked only once for the passphrase.


This is due to a recent change in Tumbleweed (and grub). When you provide the key for grub, it now saves it into somewhere in the temporary memory used by the “initrd”, and that makes it available during boot. (I may be wrong on some of the details there).

In any case, what you describe is now the new normal. This is a relatively recent change, so the documentation might be lagging behind.

Thank you very much @nrickert for confirming - that is good to know!

I hope someone updates the documentation to prevent others in the future from having the same confusion as I did.

Can please ask where to find the double LUKS passphrase workaround?