FTP server question/problem

Hello all
After a nice long trouble-free period I’m back!
I am in the process of taking as many applications away from Windwoes based to a trusty Suse11.0 machine and the latest project is moving the FTP server away from it.

I followed the guide ]FTP Server HOWTO - openSUSE](http://en.opensuse.org/FTP_Server_HOWTO#vsftpd) and although I can connect in using Annoymous user, I wish to be able to use a local user instead.

I have read the guide and un-commented out:-

  • To allow local system users to log in, uncomment

however, when i try to connect and provide a username and password pair, the server responds:

Response:	220 Welcome message
Command:	USER badger_fruit
Response:	530 This FTP server is anonymous only.
Error:	Could not connect to server

It does let me in if i do not provide a username/password pair.

Not a huge problem, i can limit my port-forwarding to a specific IP address although I really would like it so I don’t have to!

Hmm, I don’t seem to have the edit option anymore, this is now resolved. I found using yast a GUI for vsftp which I used and now it’s configured it as required.

Thanks anyway … now, about that wierd desktop picture problem … (see Desktop picture refuses to change - openSUSE Forums)


Sounds that you just forgot to restart the server after editing the config file. :wink: