FTDI USB-Serial adapter with unknown vendor & device ID


I have a FTDI Serial-USB adapter which has a vendor and product ID that is not listed in ftdi_sio.ko.

I can manually load the approriate module with

insmod ftdi_sio.ko vendor=0x1781 product=0x0e7e

but the device is then not detected automatically after a system start.

I know that I could compiled the kernel object with the added vendor and product ID but I don’t want to do this.

Is there another way? Maybe adding some kind of alias to modprobe config files?


Add in /etc/sysconfig/kernel to MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT: ftdi.sio

Add in /etc/modprobe.conf.local:

options ftdi_sio vendor=0x1781 product=0x0e7e

Interesting. I see ken_yap has proposed a solution to your question.

Now I have a rather basic question of my own. On what occassions would one want to run “insmod” instead of “modprobe”?

My understanding is insmod will try to load only the module you specify. If it depends on other modules, the insmod will fail. Modprobe, on the other hand, checks the module’s dependancies and loads any modules that it needs before it tries to insert the module you specified.

Hence is not modprobe a more practical command to use?

Humans should always use modprobe, and modprobe -r. insmod is what modprobe calls underneath, using its knowledge of dependencies stored in modules.dep.

So yes, modprobe should always be used unless you suspect there is something wrong with the dependencies, and you would have to be an expert to know.

It just happens in the OP’s case the module probably has no lower dependencies so insmod had the same effect.

Thanks. Works fine.