FTD2XX librarie && Matlab & tumbleweed

Hi to all, I want to use the ftd2xx librariy in matlab, i create an M File and create some code to be able to read the eeprom of the ft232RL device. To be able to do this I need to unload the ftdi_sio. I already copied the headers and libraries to /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib.
I can use the examples that are include in the ftdi zip, like read the EEPROM, but Im unable to do it with matlab. I guess is something about permission but don’t know where to look.
I tried this:

  1. chmod /run/lock
    2)due to unload the ftdi_sio I can’t see the device attachet to tty
    3)I only be able to use the examples in the zip with sudo but why? if I already added my user to dialout group
    4)give all permission to the m file but still no luck reading device

I create some example code in VS code and the same, only giving permission to the code Im able to read the device.
why permission?
Any help will be appreciated