fstab problem following update

I am out of my depth on this.

I did two things yesterday, installed some recommended updates (one was about security issues on partitions, IIRC) and then updated kde 4.2.1 from repositories. (Which I don’t think is relevant) and shutdown.

Booted, everything looking normal, except immediately after “starting rpcbind” I get message “no NFS found in fstab” and although system reaches run level 5, there’s no “X” and I just get a command prompt.

It’s just a workstation with broadband, so I’ve got no idea where NFS comes into it.

I’ve got no idea where to start on this one, as all literature on NFS seems to be talking about remote services.

I’d be really pleased if someone could help, as I’ve got some essays to write and send…

Don’t worry about the NFS, if you don’t use it, the message is not relevant.

As for the video problem, maybe it had to do with an updated kernel and video card drivers not matching that. Post more info on your video card and maybe someone can advise.

If I haven’t misunderstood, you can use

yast → system → system services

to stop unnecessary services from starting at boot time.

I have nfs (client) turned off as I don’t require it. (Hopefully this is relevant).

I feel such an idiot. I didn’t think the kernel had been updated and yes I run nvidia…

Thank you for causing me to check that, everything is now wonderful.