fstab, Command Not Found LEAP 42.2

Hello, I am in the process of doing a major backup and have to mount an internal SSD in my laptop, but apparently have
no ‘fstab’ working. ‘cnf fstab’ returns with an ‘fstab: command not found’. In /etc there is datafile ‘fstab’ that is incomplete
in the sense that is does not mention the second SSD and is no executeable. ‘fdisk -l’ finds two disks (as expected),
‘man fstab’ finds both SSDs.

Any suggestions how to safely get the ‘fstab’-command working? Would burning a new 42.2. CD and doing an update be the
best way?

Happy New Year, thanks and best regards,
Jan Christian

Hi, fstab is a text file for configuring disk mounts. It is located at /etc/fstab.

As said, fstab is a configuration file, not a command.

You can configure there manually (using an editor) when you know what to do. Many prefer using YaST > System > Partitioner… That will offer you more tasks (partitioning, file system creation), but you can also let it do just configuring your permanent mounts leaving existing partitioning and file systems untouched.

Thanks for the kind answers to a silly (formulated) question!
Jan Christian

You are welcome. There are not really silly questions.
When you need further help in what you are trying, don’t hesitate to start a new thread. Don’t forget to both ask your question, but also explain the general idea behind the question. It may be that the step you are having problems with is on the wrong path to the goal you want to reach. Thus explaining the goal may get you help in a more general way.