Fslint unofficial


it is safe to use?

@tobinfrost78 Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:

You can grab the rpm version from the Utilities repo? AFAIK snap isn’t a good fit for openSUSE…

I see this is version is really crap. Working on user account but cannot see other folders (like /mnt). Thx 4 fast reply.

problem: nothing provides ‘python-gtk >= 2.0’ needed by the to be installed fslint-2.46-lp154.3.1.noarch
** Solution 1: do not install fslint-2.46-lp154.3.1.noarch**
** Solution 2: break fslint-2.46-lp154.3.1.noarch by ignoring some of its dependencies**

@tobinfrost78 then ignore that install…

Well system directories (if mounted manually) may need to be root user… You could look at czkawka | Multi functional app to find duplicates, empty folders, similar images etc. if needing a GUI, else fdupes/jdupes from the command line?

By searching the forum you could have found this thread. It is not possible anymore to install fslint on any linux distribution as it is abandoned since 2017 and needs no longer available libraries: