fsck fail

just run zypper dup and on reboot get an fsck error like this http://imagebin.ca/view/Ifx6Eu.html it occurs when starting 11.1 as well as 11.2 rc1.
I have 2 partitions one with boot and the other with a logical volume containing / and home
After much googling not sure what fsck command to run to fix it

Boot from a live CD of your choice and run fsck from there.

I’m pretty unclear about this, but I got this from “man fsck.ext3”. Try these, assuming you’re using ext3:

  1. fsck.ext3 -f /dev/sda4
  2. fsck.ext3 -p /dev/sda4
  3. fsck.ext3 -y /dev/sda4

You need to replace sda4 with the actual partition

The meanings of f, p and y are in the man pages as follows:

-p: auto repair problems that don’t require human intervention (incompatible with -y)
-f: Force checking even if the file system seems clean
-y:Assume an answer of yes to all questions (incompatible with -p)

Can’t hurt. Maybe more advice will come from the experts.

i wonder why fsck is running anyway…how did you shutdown the machine
the last time before this started? you don’t ever do Ctrl+Alt+Esc, do you?

and, i wonder if your line “it occurs when starting 11.1 as well
as 11.2 rc1” means you have both installed and use grub to
switch…or are you booting from a live CD?

and, i wonder why /var is not accessible? so, i wonder if you can
(perhaps by booting a live CD) copy/paste the contents of both the
11.1 and 11.2 /etc/fsck (if they are different) back to here

or finally, i wonder how experienced with Linux you are and if you can
do that without more detail…


i shutdown normally via log out button
I just did zypper dup but ended with 2 entries in grub for 11.1 and 11.2 kernels.
I will paste the contents as soon as i can get knoppix to boot past udev hot-plug hardware detection (stalling atm)

If /var cannot be mounted it’s either on a separate partition or / needs to be checked first. This means you have to run fsck first. I would do that in a single user environment, i.e. runlevel 1. Then unount all filesystems, perform fsck and have everything fixed.

Knurpht wrote:
> If /var cannot be mounted

i hope you or one of the other ‘real gurus’ can help this guy, because
i really don’t understand the situation he has gotten himself into…

i’m still happy with YaST and have very little zypper experience so i
don’t know if it is possible but i wonder if maybe he added a BUNCH of
[factory] repos and then accidentally installed 11.2…


not sure how I ended up with 11.2 rc1 I was just following the instructions here KDE/Upgrade - openSUSE to upgrade to latest kde I use 3.5 for everyday use and wanted to play with latest kde with a view to changing.

I’d be rescuing my data and reinstalling at this stage.