FS Runner crash

Hi everybody!

I have a problem with FS Runner. After I activate it in krunner, FS Runner made krunner to crash. If it is activated krunner crash at login.

I don’t know where is the problem, and after a lot of search I found nothing.

If anybody can help.

Thanks a lot.

(I’m running Opensuse 12.2 with KDE 4.8.5)

> If anybody can help.

these are the openSUSE forums (thanks for using openSUSU), maybe most
folks here will have never heard of FS Runner (i sure had not), so you
may need to go to where the FS Runner folks hang out–suggest you try
to, log your “issue” here and wait for the deveolper’s help:


oh the other hand, it is ok to check back here and see if anyone knowing
anything about FS Runner wanders through . . .

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