Frustration with changing wallpapers

Hi. Not sure if this is the right forum – can’t figure out where to post this, so I’m posting it here.

Using Leap, latest version, XFCE desktop, 64-bit. I’m trying to load a .jpg and use it as my wallpaper.

I’ve downloaded the .jpg into my /home/jeff/Downloads directory. When I select this directory from the home screen, the .jpg is grayed out – protected? Why is this happening? And can I place the .jpg somewhere else where I won’t have this problem?



Select the /home/jeff/Downloads directory and click open.
Your image will appear in the wallpaper selection.
If you go directly to your image it will be grayed-out.

Do this:
settings-manager-desktop-folders and click others.

Don’t think this is aboput a hardware device. Will be moved to Aplications and is CLOSED for the moment.

Moved from Hardware and open again.