Frontend/gui for mplayer2?

I’m confused. I installed mplayer2 and mplayer2-as-mplayer but where is the frontend?:open_mouth:

Mplayer2 does not have a built in frontend. Try smplayer2, gnome-mplayer, gmplayer etc. I think gmplayer is the frontend that most people are used to with mplayer. Smplayer2 is the best though, I think it is in packman.

IMHO the best indeed, allows you to use mplayer with almost all it’s options.

my vote is for gnome-mplayer
umplayer is also good

Thanks for the replies guys. Was getting some choppy video in a fairly recent install of 12.2 x86_64 using mplayer/gmplayer. I decided to do some old fashioned RTFM here:


and relearn how to use mplayer from cli (as mplayer2). Also am using smplayer2 and have gnome-mplayer and kmplayer available but smplayer2 seems best frontend. Using from cli works very well also I just hadn’t done this in a long time.

> rpm -qa | grep mplayer

And mplayer2 seems to be working better than mplayer.