From Windows To Linux

This is my first post I would just like to say a few words.I’ve been a linux user now for about a year I have tried many distributions of linux from Fedora to Mandriva finally settling with openSUSE.

I must admit that at first I found linux very hard trying to keep all the compiler stuff upto date and trying to compile from source when I couldn’t find packages that would work with my distribution.

But with the help of a very friendly comuntiy and a few video tutorials and books I slowly gained a better understanding of linux and apart from that command line thing you all call shell, bash or console linux isnt all that bad.

However linux has evolved alot over a very short space of time making it more and I hate to use this word “Noob” friendly and to be honest beats any windows version out there stright our of the box its less resource demanding and more stable and faster than windows.

I’m thinking of buying openSUSE 11.0 gonna do some more read-up’s first just to make sure I can still enjoy linux without to much disruption during the upgrade.

I read about the idea of donating your previous version of linux to new linux users, personaly I think that is not only a fantastic idea but it might give an user increase in linux not that it needs one.

For those that have openSUSE 11 already a few comments about it would be apreciated if you dont mind just to see what you all think.

Last but not least is gaming on linux, sadly this is where linux is let down there are many companies trying to make it possible to run all games on linux this is a huge task and the only reason many linux users keep the beast dual booted along side linux. Linux just needs a huge push into the gaming section in my opinion to make it 100% windows free to get even those born to windows take note on linux and its power.

Ok well thats just about it, I’d appreciate any comments about what I’ve said here in this post.

Many thanks

> Linux just needs a huge push into the gaming section

i just finished about an hour in BZFlag, killing foe from several
countries…online…my T-Shirt is wet from it…

if you have 3D video and a broadband connection, hop to YaST and search
for and install bzflag

there are dozens and dozens of FREE to use servers in many different

read about it here:

drop into one of those servers when i’m on that Field of Glory and learn
to die like a man (or woMan)…

DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
A Texan in Denmark

Check out Dominions 3 - I bought it because it has a native Linux install option.

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