from where does Opensuse get the standard computer names at install?


while doing some terminal stuff, a kind of stupid question came to my mind:

Both computers I own have the standard install of opensuse installed and their names are different.

the desktops name is linux-rq64 and the lap is linux-1bww

I know from my Ubuntu time that you always could choose the name and standard was some kind of “username-laptop” for example. I know that I could change the name of my computers also in opensuse, but I would like to know: how does it create these names? Why are the names in this style and what do these “rq64” and so on mean? If they actually mean anything?

So if I would go with standard in Ubuntu, I always would have the same computer name. But Opensuse always creates different names. How and why?

thanks and regards

It’s random

You can change it in

Yast > Network Devices > Network Settings

I know how to change the names on the computers. Thanks for the tip anyway :slight_smile:

so there is no rule inside the system which says or which gives kind of a “guideline” how this name should be?
So (I never tried that) if I would install the system with the same DVD on the same computer, it would have a totally different name?
I thougth it may have something to do with the computer hardware or so…

I install over and over on the same computer and it’s always different.
Like I say: Random

Those have always looked like random names to me. I haven’t examined the algorithm - it is purely my guess that they are random. But they surely look random. So I guess I am agreeing with caf4926 about that.

The first thing I do, after booting into the system I have just installed, is change its name to what I want it to be.