From Ubuntu 8.04 to OpenSuse 11.0


I’m used to Ubuntu and I’m quite new to OpenSuse. I just installed OpenSuse 11.0 on a HP laptop. I did so because I have to install Linux for my neighbor and Ubuntu was unable to make the wireless connection work and I got tired of trying to make it work and decided to give OpenSuse a try. Turns out wireless works fine!

I still like Ubuntu pretty much, but I’m also learning to love OpenSuse pretty much right now. I should try if the surround works on my own system with a SB audigy ls (never worked in Ubuntu) and it could change my mind even more!

Now, I had a lot of playing around to do to get used to some differences in the UI and configurations. I’m starting to get used.

What I would like to have is information about the principal differences to get me on par with my previous knowledge. For example, on the command line, is sudo the norm like in Ubuntu? What should I use instead of apt-get? What other things a good to know to get the most out of OpenSuse coming from Ubuntu?

Thanks a bunch!

This will help you get started:-
Concepts - openSUSE