Friend requests?

I don’t want to sound too ignorant, but I’ve been on these forums for years but recently I’ve been getting “Friend requests” from (I think) total strangers.
Was that added to the forum during one of the upgrades? Am I politically incorrect in not replying to those “friend requests”? Is it spam?

(You can ignore them)
It’s a long time feature,not new.
You do tend to get seemingly unsolicited requests from total strangers from time to time, especially as you increase your visibility.
I get a considerable number of such requests each month.

I think some new users just want to give that feature a try, that’s all. I have gotten such requests as well and it is okay to refuse them.

Bobby wanted to be my friend. Sorry Bobby, no can do!

On 01/25/2011 01:36 PM, Chrysantine wrote:
> Bobby wanted to be my friend. Sorry Bobby, no can do!

ah…the drive by shooter fires a shot!

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